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Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes





Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes





Test Requirements

Welded Ornamental Tubing


These tubes are made from flat-rolled steel by an automatic welding process and may not have an additional filler metal. Possible shapes offered include round, square, rectangular, or special. ASTM A554 is produced for many applications including mirror bracker arms, railings and ladders, medical equipment, and automotive step bars and grille guards.

Food Processing, Beverade, Medical, Pharmaceutical, chemical Processing, Heat Exchanger, Fire Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, and Agriculture.

Electric test or Hydrostatic Test

Welded Stainless Pipe


ASTM A312 is a welded Stainless Pipe that is highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures and can be cheaper to manufacture than seamless piping. Some typical applications include pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, and other industries that require corrosion resistance.

Electric test or Hydrostatic Test

Seamless Tubing


Some requirements for A213 seamless tubing includes a higher creep-rupture strength and is produced by the seamless process. It can be either hot finished or cold finished. This type of seamless tubing can be ferretic or austenitic in the categories of boiler, superheater, and heat exchange.

The tension test, the hardness test, the flattening test, and the flaring test are required to be done on each tube. Nondestructive electric test and Hydrostatic Test


ASTM A269 are required to have a general corrosion resistance and a low or high temperature service. All materials must be furnished in the heat-treated condition

The different mechanical test requirements include flaring test, flange test, hardness tesr, and reverse flattening test as well as non-destructive electric test or hydrostatic test.


The ASTM A511 Type may be cast in ingots or strand cast. Tubes are produced in a seamless process by either cold or hot working. All tubes that are of austenitic quality must be furnished in the annealed condition.

Requirements include flange test, harness test, and hydrostatic or nondestructive electric test.

Welded Stainless Tubing


ASTM A249 is produced specifically for normal wall thickness welded tubes and heavily cool worked tubes made from austenitic steels intended for boilers, superheaters, heat exchangers, or condenser tubes. Some common employments for A249 are tailpipes on automobiles, boats, and railings.

Tests required include the tension test, flattening test, flange test, reverse-bend test, hardness test, and hydrostatic or nondestructive electric test.


All material of ASTM A269 must be in the heat-treated condition. And cover nominal wall thickness and welded austenitic steel tubing for general corrosion resistance and low or high temperature services.

Tests required include the flaring test, flange test, hardness test, reverse flattening test, and the hydrostatic or nondestructive electric test.