Stainless Steel Bar


Stainless Steel Bar







A-484/ A-582

  Machining-fee adaptation of Type 302/304, meant for heavier incisions. This specific grade is typically used for screw machine products, nuts, bolts, shafts, valves, and bushings.


A-484/ A-182/ A-276/ A-479

Low-carbon content adaptation of Type 302 for constraint of carbide precipitation during the welding process. This grade of stainless steel is often used for brewing equipment, chemical and food processing equipment, cryogenic vessels, gutters, downspouts, as well as flashings.


A-182/ A-479/ A-193/ A-484/ A-276

Extra-low-carbon adaptation of Type 304 for even further constraint of carbide precipitation during the welding process. This modification or grade is commonly used in applications such as coal hopper linings, tanks for liquid fertilizer, and tomato paste.


A-182/ A-484/ A-276/ A-193/ A-479

This grade of stainless steel bars has a greater corrosion resistance than Types 302 and 304 and high yield strength. Type 316 is typically used for chemical and pulp handling equipment, hotographic equipment, brandy vats, fertilizer product parts, ketchup cooking kettles, and yeast tubs.


A-182/ A-484/ A-276/ A-193/ A-479

Type 316-L is an extremely low-carbon adaptation of Type 316. This is a type of stainless steel in which welded construction of intergranular carbide precipitation must be avoided. Type 316 products require considerable amounts of welding.


A-182/ A-193/ A-276/ A-479

Stabilized for an assemblage of welded materials, can be immersed in sever corrosive conditions, and be sustained in an environment of 800 to 1600 F. Type 321 is commonly employed in aircraft exhaust manifolds, fire walls, cabin heaters, boiler shells, process equipment, expansion joints, elastic couplings, and pressure receptacles.


A-182/ A-193/ A-276/ A-479

Type 347 is comparable to Type 321 with higher yield strength. This type is typically employed in airplane exhaust stacks, jet engine parts, and welded tank cars for chemicals.

316 Pump Shaft

A-276/ A-479

Pump shaft stainless steel bar is produced with a superior surface finish, close diameter tolerance, measured mechanical characteristics, and exacting straightness.



A-276/ A-314/ A-479/ A-193

This common grade is a general purpose heat treatable type. It can be used in many industries and applications such as machine parts, pump shafts, bolts, bushings, coal chutes, flatware, fishing tackle, hardware, jet engine parts, mining equipment, rifle barrels, screws, and valves.

410 Quench and Double Temp


This is an adapted form of Type 410 that is quenched and double tempered for components used in hydrogen sulfide.


A-484/ A-582

This is a machine free adaptation of type 410 used for heavier cuts. Type 416 is employed in aircraft fittings, nuts, bolts, screws, fire extinguisher components, and rivets.


A-484/ A-582

This adaptation of type 416 is pre-hardened for finished appliance components Rc26-32.



This grade of AISI stainless steel bars yields the highest hardenability of stainless steels and is commonly employed in balls, bearings, races, nozzles, components for oil well pumps, and valve parts.

440C BQ

A-276/ A-756

This grade of martensitic stainless steel has a high yield strength, corrosion resistance, and hardenability which are attained by low temperature heat treatment. Type 440C BQ is commonly employed in gears, cams, shafting, flatware, and aircraft components.

416 Pump Shaft


Type 416 pump shaft quality stainless steel bar is manufactured with special surface finish, close width tolerance, meticulous mechanical properties, and precision straightness.

420 Modified

A-370/ E-23/ E-112/ A484

Type 420 modified is an API 6A approved 13% chromium martensitic stainless steel designed for application in structural and pressure comprising oil tool components used in CO2 environments.



A-182/ A-276

Type 2205 is a duplex is a mixed austentic/ ferritic stainless steel retaining high yield strength and respectable resistance to stress corrosion. It is commonly used for heat exchangers and oil and gas industry equipment.

Precipitation Hardening



This stainless steel has high yield strength, ductility, and durability both longitudinally and diagonally. AISI 13Cr-8Ni has exceptional general corrosion resistance as well as a high resistance to stress corrosion cracking. It is typically employed in petrochemical applications, aircraft structural components, landing gear parts, shafts, valves, fittings, and fasteners.



AISI Type 15Cr-5Ni is a martensitic stainless steel with high yield strength, corrosion resistance, and hardenability obtained by low temperature heat treatment. Come applications include gears, cams, flatware, shafting, and aircraft parts.


A-564 (Type 630)

AISI 17Cr-4Ni is comparable to 15Cr–5Ni, but contains a faintly higher amount of chromium. Some common industrial uses include gears, springs, flatware, fasteners, and aircraft and turbine parts.

17Cr-4Ni H1150

A-564 (Type 630)

This adaptation of 17Cr-4Ni is age-hardened and offers greater machinability when associated with condition A 17Cr–4Ni. By investing in this aged product, it will save both time and the expense of sending components for heat treatment.

17Cr-4Ni Double Aged H1150

A-564 (Type 630)

This from of AISI 17Cr-4Ni H1150 is annealed and then double age-hardened. It is often used in oil field valves, pump shafts, paper mill machinery, and gears.